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You’ve likely heard this from friends, family, coworkers… Payday loans can quickly turn into a financial headache if you’re incapable to repay the payday loan in utter and on time. Fortunately, there are some alternatives to getting a payday loan.

The best way to avoid needing a payday loan…

One of the best ways to avoid needing a payday loan is by tightening up how you manage your money. Creating and sticking to a realistic budget at the embark of every month can be the best way of balancing your income and expenses. This can also help you prepare for emergencies and help prevent extra spending. Budgeting can be as ordinary as taking your monthly income and setting aside a certain amount for preplanned categories such as food, bills, and entertainment. By setting realistic boundaries on the amount you spend each month, you can begin to save money. This takes a lot of discipline, but it can also prize you with the extra savings you need for emergencies, improve your credit score if you make payments on time, and keep more money in your pocket. But what if you still need a cash advance?

IF you do need the extra cash, here are many payday loan alternatives

Whether you’re attempting to pay bills, consolidate debt or pay off a debt with a creditor, there are many alternatives to a payday loan you can choose from.

Individual loans from family and friends

Sometimes the most convenient way of getting an emergency loan is by getting help from a close friend or family member. Friends and family members are usually willing to help with a short-term loan if they feel they can trust the borrower to pay back the loan. This can be the easiest way of avoiding any expensive fees or high interest payments.

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Also, Credit Unions often suggest puny, short-term loans to customers, which can sometimes be processed quickly for emergency situations. Since credit unions are non-profit, cooperative financial institutions, loan approval is lighter than at a bank and the loans usually have a lower interest rate (about 18% APR). Some credit unions also suggest free financial counseling to help customers with their financial problems.

Payment plan with creditor

If you need a loan to pay off a creditor, such as a credit card, you may want to attempt to negotiate the debt with the creditor directly. Most creditors will help you pay off a debt by suggesting a payment plan. To keep you as a valued customer, some creditors may even suggest you a lesser amount to pay back – sometimes as little as 70% of your original debt.

Cash advance on a credit card

A cash advance on a credit card may be the closest alternative to using a payday loan. Some credit card companies specialize in helping those with bad credit or financial problems. Credit card companies usually suggest cash advances at a lower rate (about 30% APR) than payday loans. The fattest advantage to a cash advance on a credit card is that you can avoid paying the interest if you’re able to pay off the balance by the next billing statement.

Emergency assistance programs

If you’re having trouble paying bills, attempt finding help within your community. Social groups, organizations within your community, and faith-based organizations can give you emergency help – either directly or through local social service programs. State and federal programs such as the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (IHEAP) are also available to assist low-income households that need help paying home heating and cooling bills.

Consumer counseling agencies

Are you looking to consolidate debt? Consumer counseling agencies are available to those seeking assistance with paying down large debts. Counseling agencies can help negotiate with creditors on your behalf to create a debt management plan (DMP). Counseling agencies can also help you create a budget and give you training on useful financial management practices at little to no cost.

If you’re in the armed coerces, several companies suggest military loans to active and retired members. Military loans range from $500 to $Ten,000. Interest rates on military loans are much lower than payday loans (usually ranging from about 33% to 34.99% APR).

Paycheck advance from your employer

Did you know that you can request a paycheck advance from your employer? Sometimes, employers will agree to this if the employee is in good standing with the company. Employees should avoid doing this if a cut in future paychecks (due to the advance) will cause financial fight.

How to choose a payday loan alternative

1) Choose a loan that has a 90-day repayment term.

Why: Payday loans have brief repayment deadlines (usually two weeks) leaving borrowers with not enough time to fully pay the loan off. This can cause borrowers to rollover the loan and incur more charges.

Two) Choose an alternative without check requirements or any other forms of unfair collateral.

Why: Most payday loans require a postdated check to get a loan. But, if the check is drawn on an account when there are not enough funds, the borrower can be responsible for number of penalties such as overdraft fees, lender penalties, and the chance of having their bank account closed.

Trio) Choose an alternative, which considers the borrower’s capability to repay the loan.

Why: Payday lenders don’t require any credit checks or deposit account verifications making them effortless to get regardless of imperfect or bad credit. This can be misleading because lenders often give payday loans to borrowers they know can’t pay it back in time in hopes of making the borrower pay more fees on the loan.

Four) Choose a loan with reasonable rollover thresholds.

Why: Most payday loans force borrowers into debt by providing continuous loan renewals – permitting you to take out a fresh payday loan to pay off the old one. After four or more rollovers, the fees that come with renewing the loan can be much higher than the original amount of the loan. Selecting a loan with rollover boundaries can help prevent the possibility of falling into a debt trap. Thresholds can include: limiting the number of rollovers on a loan or preventing a previous loan to be paid by a fresh loan from the same lender. Lenders can also require a cooling off period for the time inbetween paying off a loan and opening another one.

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