Two Best Home Equity Loans

In today’s world, one can use their home equity loans to manage their individual finances problems, be it for your home renovation, consolidating your current debts, for your kids’ further education children, emergency medical treatment charges or any other viable reasons.

There are many different equity loan options which one can choose from, which come with different terms and rates. One need to be precise on what you are looking for, are you looking for a long or short-term loan, with immobilized or lithe monthly payment, what’s your monthly budget, and what are the loan amount you have in mind etc.

With the access to the internet, anyone can lightly and conveniently search for his right choice of home equity loans for himself. Each of the loan companies will attempt their best to promote their loan packages, such as launching marketing campaigns, provide special suggest to their regular customers, free give-away to all fresh customers, excellent discounts given on all kinds of loans. Each has their own marketing strategy to attract fresh customers, and having the loan information clearly published at the website is undeniably one of the best way to get in fresh customers.

As I have mentioned, one can find thousands of different types of home equity loans from the Internet at any one time. Here please find two of the best home equity loans which I have found in the Internet for your sharing,

1. Freedom Quest Home Equity Line of Credit

– They suggest low rate financing and interest-only payment. Key objective is to reduce the financial cargo for their customers by cutting down the potential monthly financial cargo.

– They continuous looking out for ways and methods to upgrade their existing customer service level, hoping to bring their customer service professionalism to the next level. Some excellent examples are listed here, a. one do not need to reapply for fresh line of credit if extra funds are needed because automatic balance refill service is made available when the principal has been repaid.

b. the company has consistently go after up by calling up their existing customers and check on their progress and seek for their comments if there are any further service which these customers would like to have.

– These are the home equity line of credit which are suggested by the company,

i. Below 10th year – the variable interest rate is at Prime – 1% , payment : interest only payment on the amount used or $ 25, whichever is greater.

ii. From the 11th year – 25th year – variable interest rate is at Prime rate – 1 %, payment will be the principal and interest payment due. Minimum payment of $100.00

Two. The Quicken Loans

– Quicken Loans is an approved FHA lender. FHA express is one of their most popular loan because of its low stationary interest rates and its very secured profile, insured by the government.

– The FHA express plan is supple, permitting borrower to refinance up to 97.75% of one’s home value.

– They have improved the cycle time required to accomplish the entire application process from Two weeks to Three days. On average, most of the applicants need to anticipate for a waiting period of no less than Trio weeks before any updates on his/her application would be heard. This is one of the customers’ largest concern.

Today, Quicken Loans has proved to be one of the most popular FHA lender for its continuous improvements in fulfilling customers’ needs. For urgent application, they have even suggest online document signing which is just a click away!

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