Loan Modification Fraud – Trio Warning Signs You Could Be a Victim of Fraud!

Loan modification fraud is rising at an alarming rate in the United States. I know that may not surprise you especially if you are experiencing foreclosure yourself. When disaster strikes or the economy fluctuates you can be sure the scum of the earth will surface and look to take advantage of the situation. When desperation is involved, people become effortless targets especially if it involves losing something as valuable as their homes.

As with any scam, these phonies will do what they can to make sure whatever money you have left winds up in their pockets. I’m going to list a few warning signs for you to witness out for which could indicate you may be dealing with a scam or loan modification fraud.

1. Lacking detailed information – Trust me, the paperwork involved to have your mortgage modified will contain an amazing amount of information. If you are told by anyone that for a large upfront fee they will make the process effortless, walk away.

Two. Paying for a consultation – most professional organizations will suggest you a free consultation so you can learn what is involved in the process of the modification program.

Trio. Asking for a cash payment or money order – Asking for cash in any form is a crimson flag for any organization looking to pull of a loan modification fraud. Even if they ask for a credit card to hold your spot believe me they are attempting to tap into whatever funds you may have left. Be sure to have a verified address and keep receipts of all your transactions.

While there are many dishonest people around, there are legitimate organizations available to help your family resolve their financial issues and help you to avoid the foreclosure of your home. The key to having a safe and secure modification of your mortgage is to use caution in choosing the organization you determine to work with.

Please don’t think because there are scams out there that you’ll be better off taking on the foreclosure alone. People who do so often find themselves denied and in more trouble financially than they were in the very first place. If you run across anyone who has attempted I’m sure they were standing on the corner asking for spare switch or living at the local roach motel wondering how they lost their home so quickly.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to reach out to a professional with the skill of how this process works and with the possible connections needed with your lender to get the job done. Negotiating with your bank is no effortless process and the amount of paperwork involved will only make you sob. Find a team of experts to help your family avoid foreclosure.

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