What Affect Will the End of the Recession Have on Secured Loans, Mortgages and Remortgages?

The recession was to a large extent caused by the very lax, laid back underwriting in the financial sectors which consists of all types of loans both private and commercial, remortgages, mortgages, etc.

The majority of the civilized world was involved in this reckless free for all lending, but America was most likely the major culprit with the UK a close 2nd. Read more

Are Banks Loaning Money to Each Other in a Kiting Scheme?

Well, most people are watching TV arguing about whether we will have a double-dippity-do-da, and the reaction is, indeed, we might. But perhaps a more significant question might be, did the Obama Banking Reform Law truly do any good to prevent another global financial catastrophe. Well, our Think Tank which operates online, that is to say it is an Internet style Think Tank, thinks not. Read more

Bad Credit Unsecured Loans Online – Getting Yours

Thanks to the vast possibilities of online banking, you can now find an unsecured bad credit loan online. This not only saves time, but it saves you the awkward rejection resulting from face-to-face meetings with lenders when you have truly bad credit. There are online loan agencies that can get you approved for unsecured bad credit loans without you ever having to step into another office. Read more

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